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Welcome to the home of php web modules

magicaddons is a suite of php modules each designed to integrate easily within a website and facilitate the creation and management of Magicaddons QR code styled, structured and formatted content.

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Pre-installer Download

Prior to ordering, please, make sure you have carefully read and understood the product's system requirements and features. If you are not sure about product compatibility we suggest that you download the FREE of charge pre-installer.

What it does

It checks that appropriate versions of PHP and MySQL are installed and are accessible. If they are not, an appropriate error message will be output warning that the modules may not work correctly, or at all, unless the problems identified are fixed.

It provides a link to enable you to view your php settings.

How do I use it

Download the zip file containing preinstaller.php unzip the file and place a copy in the webroot of your site

Using your browser locate the file on your site and open it, this will indicate if your system meets the minimum system requirements for one of our modules to be installed.

you can also use the link "Click to view output of phpinfo" to view your php settings.

Download the Pre-installer

Magicaddons System Pre-installer Download

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